Strong Graduates | The Meredith MBA

Strong Graduates | The Meredith MBA

The Meredith MBA prepares graduates to go strong - and this year's class is full of great examples.

Like Kacie Fore. She's already been promoted - before she's even finished the program - thanks to what she's learned. "Different things that I've learned and different traits that I'm now demonstrating had a lot to do with my promotion," Kacie said.

And Jessica Griffin, Lesley Jones, Rosie Best, and Alessandra de la Osa - who recently competed in the Society for Human Resource Management regional case competition inMBA students competed in SHRM regional case competition in Arlington, VA Arlington, VA. The team came in second overall in the Southern region, missing the top honors by only one point.  The team had just four hours to read, solve, and present on an HR case.

And Yubie Albert and Gregory Flicek, who were both awarded the top honor for MBA graduates, the Lois E. Frazier MBA Student Award. This was the first time in the history of the program that the award has been given to more than one student. Greg also has a new position as Senior Practice Manager for WakeMed Physician Practices.

Watch the videos below and hear what Kacie and other MBA students and alumni say about The Meredith MBA.

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