Meredith in One Word

Meredith in One Word

As commencement draws near, we asked members of the Class of 2014 to describe their Meredith experience in one word. Here’s what they had to say.

Empowering” - Larissa Bryant

Rejuvenating” - Beth Cross

Unbelievable” - Melissa de Leon

Inspiring” - Caitlyn Debona

Serendipitous” - Bailey Dunn

Life-changing” - Elizabeth Guiles

Valuable” - Stephanie Hastings

Inspirational” - Allison Pappas

Powerful” - Yailyn Polanco

Opportunity” - Angie Ramkellawan

Invaluable” - Andie Stuber

Gratification” - Meg Thedford

Phenomenal” - Hawa Tuli

Irreplaceable” - Shelby Wilson

A journey” - Rebecca Wyatt

Tell us how you’d describe your Meredith experience in one word on Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to tag your post with #MCGrad14.

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