Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Meredith Fund?

The Meredith Fund is the annual, unrestricted giving program of the College. It provides much needed unrestricted funds that allow the College to address the most pressing needs on campus—priorities such as student aid, faculty development and residence hall maintenance.

Why are unrestricted gifts so important?

Unrestricted gifts to the College are unique because they have the power to stretch across campus, positively affecting each and every student, faculty and staff member. When your gift to The Meredith Fund is combined with other gifts to the Fund, it creates a powerful and flexible tool for Meredith College.

Is my gift tax deductible?

YES! Your gifts to Meredith College are tax deductible under the applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

As a Class Agent, how can I support The Meredith Fund?

Your role as a Class Agent is invaluable to the success of The Meredith Fund. Check out the Class Agent Outreach page for more information.

What are matching gifts?

Many companies will match a gift that you make to the College. If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, you could double your gift to Meredith College. Contact your personnel office or check online to see if your company makes matching gifts.

Which is more important, the size of my gift or the fact that I participate in giving?

When it comes to the act of giving, all gifts are important. Meredith appreciates all gifts and values your support. Donor participation is a powerful indication of the strength of a college.

Why is alumnae participation a powerful indication of the strength of a college?

Alumnae participation affects Meredith College’s ranking in publications such as the U.S. News & World Report. This publication is widely read by prospective students and their families. Corporations and foundations also look at alumnae participation when deciding if Meredith is an institution that they would like to support.

Why do you call me every year?

Meredith College students enjoy the opportunity to connect with alumnae. They are calling not only to ask for your support, and to update your records but to speak with you about your Meredith experience and to tell you about exciting things happening on campus. Our students enjoy talking with you and we hope you enjoy talking with them as well.

Contact Information:

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