Loans / Private Alternative Loans

A student may apply for an alternative loan from a number of lenders. Payments can typically be deferred until six months after graduation (just like the Federal Direct Loans) and applications are most frequently completed online. If a cosigner is needed, a screen will pop up and inform you what steps to take next.

Steps to Alternative Student Loan Application

  • Review your award letter to determine how much you will need to borrow. The maximum amount you can request is located next to the PLUS/Alternative Loans section of your statement of award.
  • Choose a lender and select Apply Now to begin the alternative loan application process and complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Preferred Lenders

Wells Fargo
Lender Code: 807176
Wells Fargo Application Disclosures »
Wells Fargo Rates
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Sallie Mae
Lender Code: 900905
Sallie Mae Rates (PDF)
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*Beyond the recommended lenders listed above, a wide variety of loans and lenders are available. Students and families are welcome to search, compare, and select the lender of their choice.

*Lenders are subject to change their terms and/or rates at any time. While Meredith College attempts to keep the information represented in these tables as accurate as possible, it is the borrower's responsibility to investigate the current benefits, fees, and terms of each lender prior to applying for a loan. Meredith College cannot be held responsible for any changes made by a lender that are not reflected in this comparison.


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