Prospective Students / International Students

Financial aid resources for international students are limited in both type and amount at Meredith. The student and her family should be prepared to assume the primary responsibility for financing her education. International students may apply for the following types of aid:

Each year the College makes available for international students a few scholarships ranging in amount, depending on the need of the individual student and funds available. A student receiving such an award could expect her assistance to be renewed in subsequent years provided she:

  • Re-applies for the aid and still has financial need
  • Is eligible to return to the College

International students are also eligible for merit-based scholarships which range from $2,000-$14,000.


On-Campus Work
An international student may be eligible for Campus Work Study based on her financial need. An on-campus job allows a student to work 1-10 hours a week based on her course of study. Position availability is not guaranteed. If hired for a campus job, a student could expect to earn approximately $1,300 per academic year that she could apply either to her college fees or to her personal expenses.


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