Graduate Students / Academic Requirements

Qualitative Requirement – Each student must meet the academic standards for continued enrollment in the school or program in order to continue to receive financial assistance.

Quantitative Requirement – Graduate students may not receive financial assistance for more than 150% of the expected program length.

Students placed on financial assistance probation: Students placed on financial assistance probation will receive a letter informing them of their probationary status and will be asked to meet with a member of the Office of Financial Assistance staff. This letter will state that the student’s progress will be reviewed after the next semester. If the student then meets SAP requirements, she will be removed from probation. If she does not meet/exceed the requirements, her financial aid will be suspended until she meets the requirements to resume receiving aid. There will be a chance for a student to appeal.

Appeal Process

Students who are placed on financial assistance probation, or had financial assistance suspended, have the right to submit an appeal of the decision. Student must submit a letter to the Director of Financial Assistance stating the reasons for reconsideration. This information will then be discussed by the Financial Assistance Appeals Committee who will make a final decision.

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