2015-2016 Financial Assistance Forms

Application for Institutional Aid (for International, Undocumented and Non U.S. Resident students

Early Decision Financial Assistance Estimate Application

2014-15 Financial Assistance Forms

2015 Summer Application for Financial Assistance

Application for Institutional Aid for International Students, Undocumented Students and Non-U.S. Residents

Application for North Carolina Need Based Scholarship (NBS)

Calculating Your Annual Cost Worksheet

Index Document Definitions

Dependency Documentation

Directions for using IRS Data Retrieval or requesting Tax Transcript

Grant Scholarship Certification

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

Prerequisite Form 

Special Circumstances Form (Dependent)

Special Circumstances Form (Independent)

Spring 2015 Calculating Your Annual Cost Worksheet

Teacher Tuition Assistance Form


Verification of SNAP and Child Support PAID (Dependent)

Verification of SNAP and Child Support PAID  (Independent)

Verification of Non-Taxable Income 

Verification Worksheet (Dependent)

Verification Worksheet (Independent)

2013-14 Financial Assistance Forms

2014 Summer Financial Assistance Application


Job Opportunity Forms (for employers)

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Forms and Applications
Financial Assistance Deadlines
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