Current Students / Academic Requirements

In order for a Meredith College student to retain eligibility for federal, state and institutional assistance, the student must meet the criteria listed below. If a student fails to meet both requirements at the end of an academic period (defined as one academic year, if the student attends both semesters,) then the student is placed on financial assistance probation for the following semester. If the student does not meet both conditions at the end of the probationary period, she will no longer be eligible for financial assistance until she can again meet both requirements.

Undergraduate Degree Students

Qualitative Requirement
Each student must maintain the following minimum Meredith QPA, based on credits attempted:

  • Total Attempted Hours: 0-16: 1.500 (Minimum Required Meredith QPA)
  • Total Attempted Hours: 17-25: 1.700 (Minimum Required Meredith QPA)
  • Total Attempted Hours: 26-59: 1.800 (Minimum Required Meredith QPA)
  • Total Attempted Hours: 60-89: 1.900 (Minimum Required Meredith QPA)
  • Total Attempted Hours: 90+ 2.000 (Minimum Required Meredith QPA)


Quantitative Requirement
Each student must also be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of a degree. Satisfactory progress toward graduation is measured in terms of total academic credits earned. A student must earn 75% of all credits attempted and aided for the academic period. Undergraduate students may not receive financial assistance for more than 150% of the expected program length, or ten semesters for full-time students, whichever is less.

Appeal Process
Students who are placed on financial assistance probation, or had financial assistance suspended, have the right to submit an appeal of the decision. Student must submit a letter to the Director of Financial Assistance stating the reasons for reconsideration. This information will then be discussed by the Financial Assistance Appeals Committee who will make a final decision.


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