Maynard Bledsoe

Associate Professor, School of Business

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Office: 125 Harris Hall
Phone: (919) 760-8476

Areas of Expertise

  • Teaching management and entrepreneurial studies.
  • Conducting research about family owned businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Writing and publishing case studies ( HRM, Entrepreneurs, Family Owned Businesses)

Work Experience

Professional biography

USAF Aero-Medical Specialist (rescue and evacuation)

Burlington Industries Supervisor (52 employees)

American Brands (American Tobacco Company) Supervisor (36 employees)

Piedmont Community College Business and Industry Training Director

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Training and Development Officer (HRM)

Meredith College Teacher School of Business (Beginning date August 1981)

Academic Credentials

Doctorate of Education UNC-G

M.A. Business, Appalachian State University

B.S. Atlantic Christian College

Professional Credentials

North Carolina teacher license (management and economics)


School of Business Scholar of the Year, 2007


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Teaching Entrepreneurship:  Does It Matter Who Teaches?  Presented at the International Academic Conference, Las Vegas, NV, October,  2011.

United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) Conference, Nashville, TN, January, 2010.

Diversity Management -- Seeking Validation. Maynard Bledsoe, Rebecca Oatsvall and David Condon. Presented at International Business and Economic Research (IBER), Las Vegas, NV, October, 2009.

Session Chair for Women's Business Owner at International Business and Economic Research, Las Vegas, NV, October, 2009.


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