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The Discovery and Development of Cisplatin, the Most Widely Used Anti-Cancer Drug

Date: Friday, April 11, 2014
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Location: SMB 162

Dr. James Hoeschele will be on campus on Friday, April 11th to present a seminar entitled: "Serendipity and the Prepared Mind: the Discovery and Development of the Antitumor Drug, Cisplatin"

The seminar will be held in SMB 162 at 1:00 PM and all are invited to attend. Please join us to learn about this exciting process of discovery of one of the most widely used cancer drugs to date!

This event qualifies for an Academic/Cultural Event in General Education.

The abstract follows.

The serendipitous discovery of Cisplatin by Dr. Barnett Rosenberg, Loretta Van Camp and co-workers at Michigan State University led to the world-wide use of one of the most important anticancer drugs in the history of cancer chemotherapy. The clinical success of Cisplatin, the first metal-based anticancer drug approved by the FDA (1978), inspired a renaissance in the field of Contemporary Bioinorganic Chemistry. This talk will chronologically highlight the fascinating details of the discovery of Cisplatin, a 5-year effort. The discovery is a prime example of the use of the scientific method of observation, hypothesis and the testing of hypotheses.


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