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Meredith Social Entrepreneurship Challenge $4,000 Grand Prize!

Date: Thursday, January 26, 2017
Time: 9:55am - 11:59am

A business venture idea competition with a special emphasis on societal need. The challenge is open to undergraduate and graduate students from Meredith College in any a academic discipline. 1-3 page submission to by February 23rd at midnight.

Concept: Make a compelling statement about what you are proposing to do. Is this a product or a service, and what exactly is it? Does this idea solve a pain/frustration or address a critical want or need?

Feasibility: Give a reason why your concept should be done. If you are proposing something that is cutting edge, you need to give us some reason to believe it can be developed and you know where to get the expertise to do so.

Market potential: Is there a market opportunity for your idea? Who are the target customers? How big is the market? Is it growing?

Business Model: If this business can be financially sustainable, how will you propose to make money?  Non- profit business models are also welcomed, but must be sustainable.

Competition: Do you know who the competition is?  What is your competitive advantage?

Community Need/Public Good: How would you define the societal need or what societal problem does the businesses attempt to solve?


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