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Financial Strength

Financial Strength

Meredith is going strong financially and getting stronger every day, thanks to decisive steps that have been taken by the College as well as increased giving from the entire Meredith community.

Measures already taken include more strategic investment of resources, development of new revenues, and careful stewardship of the endowment. And the rates of giving to Meredith are up across the board, with record levels of faculty and staff giving, increased annual giving, and a higher percentage of alumnae giving. Your support of Beyond Strong will ensure this positive momentum continues.

[What Makes Us Strong]  Over $18 million 2013-14 was the largest fundraising year in Meredith’s history  60% faculty and staff participation in 2013-14 (compare to average national giving rate of 23%)  45% cost savings from Energy Management Initiative

Financial Strength Priorities

Campus Needs

Address the most pressing needs on campus, ranging from emergency repairs to planned curricular and facilities developments.

Meredith’s Reputation

Strengthen Meredith’s reputation through key investments in advertising, promotion of Meredith achievements, and faculty/staff accomplishments.

Student Development

Enhance student development through learning and living facilities, advanced academic and leadership programming, and opportunities for engaged learning and development. 


To Become Even Stronger:

Expanding annual giving to Meredith is essential to the success of Beyond Strong. Your gift will support these and other efforts related to financial strength:

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Financial Strength