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We look forward to welcoming you back to campus for your first Meredith Reunion, which honors 5 years since your graduation. 

Class Event Agent: Meredith Moody



Members of the Class of 2005 will be celebrating their 10th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Karoline Moore



Members of the Class of 2000 are invited to celebrate their 15th class reunion.

Class Event Agents: Caroline Ashburn, Shannon Craver & Tiffany Jelovich 



The Class of 1995 will be celebrating 20 years since graduation from Meredith.

Class Event Agents: Missy Boyd & Rebecca Anderson



After 25 years, members of the Class of 1990 will be celebrating a special silver anniversary.

Class Event Agent: Lisa Woodruff Roberds



The Class of 1985 is invited to celebrate their 30th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Lee Page



Members of the Class of 1980 will be celebrating their 35th class reunion since graduating from Meredith.

Class Event Agent: Vicki Currin



The Class of 1975 will be celebrating their 40th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Jo Ann Williford



Members of the Class of 1970 are invited back to campus to celebrate their 45th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Sue Hammons Cook



After 50 years since their graduation from Meredith, members of the Class of 1965 will be celebrating their golden anniversary.

Class Event Agent: Lynn Myers & Diane Drake Truelove



The Class of 1960 will be celebrating their 55th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Patricia Houser Gay



The Class of 1955 will be invited to celebrate their 60th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Sarah Mangum Daniel



Members of the Class of 1950 are invited to celebrate their 65th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Marjorie Tripper Bennett



The Class of 1945 will be celebrating their 70th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Lois Edinger



The class of 1940 will be celebrating their 75th class reunion.

Class Event Agent: Margaret Williams Glazener

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