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We look forward to welcoming you back to campus for your first Meredith Reunion, which honors 5 years since your graduation. 

Class Agent: Maggie Bizzell

Class of 2009 Reunion Letter

Class of 2009 Attendees



Members of the Class of 2004 will be celebrating their 10th class reunion.

Class Agent: Kelly Rhodes

Class of 2004 Reunion Letter

Class of 2004 Attendees



Members of the Class of 1999 are invited to celebrate their 15th class reunion.

Class Agent: Liz Dobbins-Smith, Candi Pinocci & Shannon McFarlane Byers

Class of 1999 Reunion Letter

Class of 1999 Attendees


The Class of 1994 will be celebrating 20 years since graduation from Meredith.

Class Agent: Ellen Greer Buffaloe

Class of 1994 Reunion Letter

Class of 1994 Attendees


After 25 years, members of the Class of 1989 will be celebrating a special silver anniversary.

Class Agent: Debbie Shaw Capps

Class of 1989 Reunion Letter

Class of 1989 Attendees



The Class of 1984 is invited to celebrate their 30th class reunion.

Class Agent: Camille Stell

Class of 1984 Reunion Letter

Class of 1984 Attendees


Members of the Class of 1979 will be celebrating their 35th class reunion since graduating from Meredith.

Class Agent: Najla Nave Carlton

Class of 1979 Reunion Letter

Class of 1979 Attendees


The Class of 1974 will be celebrating their 40th class reunion.

Class Agent: Alice Clayton

Class of 1974 Reunion Letter

Class of 1974 Attendees


Members of the Class of 1969 are invited back to campus to celebrate their 45th class reunion.

Class Agent: Louise Watson Lamm & Shera Jackson Hube

Class of 1969 Reunion Letter

Class of 1969 Attendees


After 50 years since their graduation from Meredith, members of the Class of 1964 will be celebrating their golden anniversary.

Class Agent: Sue Anne James Schoonderwoerd

Class of 1964 Reunion Letter

Class of 1964 Attendees



The Class of 1959 will be celebrating their 55th class reunion.

Class Agent: vacant

Class of 1959 Reunion Letter

Class of 1959 Attendees



The Class of 1954 will be invited to celebrate their 60th class reunion.

Class Agent: Doris Allen Litchfield, Anne Clark Dahle & Lyn Belton Bonahue

Class of 1954 Reunion Letter

Class of 1954 Attendees



Members of the Class of 1949 are invited to celebrate their 65th class reunion.

Class Agent: vacant

Class of 1949 Attendees



The Class of 1944 will be celebrating their 70th class reunion.

Class Agent: Fannie Memory Farmer Mitchell

Class of 1944 Reunion Letter

Class of 1944 Attendees

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