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International Student Adviser
Leila Ghannad
Assistant Director of International Programs

Leila GhannadLeila Ghannad advises the F-1 international student population for undergraduates and graduates at Meredith College. She received her B.S in political science with a concentration in international relations in 2006, M.A. in political science, and a graduate certificate in women’s studies in 2008 from Appalachian State University.

Leila is very fortunate to have traveled to many different countries all over the world and have had the privilege of living in Italy for two years and Belgium for five years. She understands the challenges to moving to a new country where your first language is not spoken, starting over and making new friends, and adapting to a different culture.

Leila first began working with international students in 2007 while serving as a graduate assistant in the Office of International Education and Development at Appalachian State University. Later, she worked as an international student adviser at Kent State University and most recently she worked at NC State University as the regional coordinator of Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Australia in the Study Abroad Office. As a daughter of a former international student and immigrants from Iran, Leila is very passionate about serving Meredith College’s international students.

She will meet you upon your arrival at Meredith College and is the main contact and lead coordinator for International Student Orientation (ISO). She looks forward to starting this wonderful journey with you!

Contact Information
Leila Ghannad
124 Joyner
(919) 760-8397

Meredith International Association (MIA)

Meredith International Association

The purpose of the Meredith International Association (MIA) is to share knowledge and promote understanding of different cultures in the Meredith community. MIA’s main concern is the well-being of international students. They strive to encourage better friendships and understanding among international students and other members of the Meredith community through social, cultural, and educational activities during the year. MIA hosts a series of activities during International Education Week and throughout the year. The biggest events during the year are the International Coffee House, the UN Dinner, and the MIA Fashion Show. Smaller events hosted specifically for the international students are ice cream socials, bowling nights, excursions around Raleigh, and the end of year reception. All F-1 international students are added to the MIA email listserv upon arrival to Meredith College and are invited to all of their events.  For more information about MIA and their activities, check out the organization’s Facebook page or contact Leila Ghannad, co-adviser of MIA.

Contact Information
Leila Ghannad
124 Joyner
(919) 760-8397


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