Chemistry, Physics and Geoscience Department

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Walda Powell
203 Science/Mathematics Bldg.
Phone: (919) 760-8619
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Chemistry class at Meredith.

The Department of Chemistry, Physics and Geoscience offers a major in chemistry through either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science, and minors in chemistry, chemical physics and geoscience to prepare students to reason and think critically, become scientifically literate and develop a knowledge of scientific discovery and process.

The B.A. in chemistry is designed to allow maximum flexibility. It is a good option for students pursuing the Engineering Dual Degree Program or pursuing chemistry as a second major. The B.S. in chemistry specifically prepares students for graduate school, a career in the chemical industry, teaching or a variety of health related fields such as dentistry, medicine, medical technology, pharmacy or veterinary science. Chemistry majors may also decide to earn teacher licensure.

The department's goal is to prepare all students to live as informed and responsible citizens with a global and environmental awareness in a world where ideas and events are strongly influenced by science and technology.

A major or minor in chemistry, chemical physics or geoscience is an excellent stepping stone to careers in the chemical industry, health-related fields, and in research or teaching.


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