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Meredith Autism Program / Parent Testimonies

"As parents of 2 boys with autism, we struggled to find the right environment for our boys to get the best services possible.  At age 22 months, we recognized the need for early intervention services, and evaluated the existing options in the Raleigh/Durham area.  After visiting and speaking with several programs, we chose the Meredith Autism Program. One reason for choosing the Meredith College Autism program included the program’s approach to services that was largely based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which had scientific evidence to support its use and possible beneficial outcomes. We also valued the academic environment where the Meredith College Autism Program is located, and the smaller numbers of children served at a given time- which assured me our children were not just a number, but received individualized attention throughout their enrollment. Additionally, we found the atmosphere to be one of tremendous support and universal acceptance for our children.  They established a meaningful relationship with their consultants as well as many of the “Meredith girls” that worked with them over the course of 5 years…and several of whom continue to work with them since they graduated out.  Our consultant demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skill, and provided services to our children as if they were her own. The Meredith Autism Program not only provided day-to-day services for our children, but served as a resource for just about any autism-related problems we encountered.  I continue to rely on their expertise when I encounter problems with an uncertain management strategy.  When our boys were enrolled at MAP at age 24 months, both were non-verbal.  When they transitioned out, one child had developed effective basic verbal communication, and the other child developed emerging reading skills.  This program has much to offer to children with autism and should grow to offer services to older children as well. I’m not sure where we would be now if we had not found the Meredith Autism Program."

"Our son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 27 months.  After thorough research, we were placed on the waiting list for the Meredith Autism program.  Our son started in the program May of 2000 at which time he was non-verbal.  Within 7 months, he was making tremendous gains in his verbal skills.  He was able to start Kindergarten on schedule in the WCPSS with a shadow student supporting him from the program.  The Meredith Autism Program maintains the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  The students are extremely well trained and treated our son and our family with the utmost respect and care.   Today our son is a freshman in High School, a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Team and participates actively in after school programs.  The Meredith Autism Program was critical in his success today and throughout his school years."


"Our family chose the Meredith Autism Program (MAP) because it was the only therapy that had been studied and found to have measurable impact on a kid's IQ and later functioning.  While enrolled in MAP our son gained over 20 IQ points and his use of verbal language improved dramatically.  MAP taught him critical pre-academic skills.  They also provided shadows while he went to preschool which supported his interaction with other preschoolers that he would not have been able to navigate independently.  He has continued to gain IQ points, but at a slower rate since leaving MAP.  His language and social skills continue to improve.  He spends half his day in a separate setting and half his day in a regular classroom.  He participates in reading, math, and science.  He loved working with college aged females and continues to have an affinity for them."


Meredith Autism Program

The Meredith Autism Program is an early intervention program serving children who are diagnosed on the autism spectrum.


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