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As a psychology major, you’ll develop your personal values and analytical skills, deepen your understanding of the humanities and sciences, and enhance your opportunities for employment and graduate school. Meredith emphasizes helping students acquire both research skills and practical skills in an applied setting. To that end, we offer numerous opportunities to conduct research studies throughout your four years. And, the majority of our students who do research present their studies at regional, national or international psychology conferences.

In addition to a variety of internship opportunities outside of campus, Meredith offers a unique learning experience through the Meredith Autism Program (MAP). Working at MAP not only earns you course credit, which may be repeated as many semesters as you would like, but also gives you the rare opportunity to participate in one-on-one clinical training as an undergraduate. This experience fosters leadership development since you can become a team leader as you develop more experience working in the program.


The Psychology Program at Meredith

Lara Pantlin, '14

Psychology major Lara Pantlin has had multiple research experiences as a student at Meredith.

Associate Professor of Psychology Gwynn Morris explains childhood amnesia

Have you ever wondered why you can’t remember much of your childhood, but the children in your life can remember everything? In this episode of The Meredith Minute, Associate Professor of Psychology Gwynn Morris explains childhood amnesia.



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