Program of Study / Health and Physical Education Concentration

Students who earn the bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science – Health and Physical Education concentration are prepared as educators who may seek North Carolina K-12 licensure. Health and Physical education teachers are in an ideal position to help tackle the nation's growing problem with obesity and its associated health risks, especially among school-age youth. After successful completion of all major requirements in ESS and the professional education program, including a semester of student teaching, students are qualified for licensure to teach at all levels (K-12) in North Carolina and many other states.

Currently, 100% of Meredith ESS graduates with health and physical education licensure have secured a job in teaching or obtained a graduate school assistantship their first year out of college.

Required Major Courses

Exercise and Sports Science Core Courses 37 hours

HED-210 - Risk, Appraisal and Prevention in Health (3.00 cr.)

HED-400 - Influences and Evolution of Global Health (3.00 cr.)

HED-420 - Health Education Methods (3.00 cr.)

ESS-200 - Foundations Physical Education, Sport and Fitness (3.00 cr.)

ESS-221 - Principles of Strength Training and Conditioning (3.00 cr.)

ESS-225 - Leadership in Lifetime Physical Activity (2.00 cr.)

ESS-300 - Issues/Management: Sport & Physical Education (3.00 cr.)

ESS-310 - Exercise Leadership (3.00 cr.)

ESS-325 - Exercise and Fitness Assessment (3.00 cr.)

ESS-375 - Motor Learning and Development (4.00 cr.)

ESS-383 - Exercise Physiology and Lab (4.00 cr.)

ESS-482 - Kinesiology (3.00 cr.)

Concentration in Major

Exercise and Sports Science Core Courses 37 hours

BIO-322 - Human Anatomy and Physiology (3.00 cr.)

- and -

BIO-342 - Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1.00 cr.)

ESS-743 - Teaching Physical Education in Elementary School: PE Majors (3.00 cr.)(6.00 cr.)

ESS-746 - Teaching Physical Education Special Needs K-12 (3.00 cr.)

ESS-747 - Teaching Physical Education in Middle and Secondary Schools (3.00 cr.)

EDU-460 - Colloquium in Education (3.00 cr.)

- or -

ESS-460 - Senior Seminar (2.00 cr.)

- and -

EDU-490 - Observation and Directed Teaching (9.00 cr.)

- or -

ESS-451 - Practicum: Exercise/Sports Science (3.00 cr.)

- and -

SOC-335 - Race and Ethnic Relations (3.00 cr.)

- or -

EDU-345 - Language Minorities in Public Schools (3.00 cr.)

Prior to graduation, students must show valid proof of First Aid/CPR certification


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