Department of Licensure Programs / Social Studies (9-12)

The secondary teacher education in social studies licensure program provides appropriate learning experiences to meet the needs, capabilities, and interests of high school students studying social studies. The program is designed to assist individuals in acquiring knowledge, developing skills and dispositions within a learning environment focused on active involvement and integrated learning activities.

To complete the secondary grades teacher education program and earn licensure in social studies for grades 9-12, students must complete the requirements for general education and their chosen major, as well as the following licensure requirements.

Students must be admitted in the Teacher Education Program to enroll.

Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalogue for official information about licensure requirements.

From the General Education Requirements

The general education requirements of the College including these specific courses in the following areas:

PSY-312 - Psychology of Exceptional Individuals (3.00 cr.)

- and -

SOC-335 - Race and Ethnic Relations (3.00 cr.)

- or -

EDU-345 - Language Minorities in Public Schools (3.00 cr.)

Concentration in Major

HIS-102 - Modern Western Civilization (3.00 cr.)

HIS-103 - The World in the 20th Century (3.00 cr.)

HIS-214 - American History to 1876 (3.00 cr.)

HIS-215 - American History Since 1876 (3.00 cr.)

ECO-101 - Principles of Microeconomics (3.00 cr.)

POL-100 - American Political Systems (3.00 cr.)

Non-Western History chosen from the following (6 credits):

HIS-200 - Introduction to Latin American History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-224 - Introduction to Asian History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-282 - The Modern Middle East (3.00 cr.)

HIS-310 - Modern China (3.00 cr.)

Or from special studies courses that may be offered in the history of Africa and the Middle East and other non-Western areas

20th century history selected from the following:

HIS-308 - 20th Century Europe (3.00 cr.)

HIS-319 - Contemporary American History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-330 - Modern US Foreign Policy (3.00 cr.)

Geography course selected from the following:

GEO-203 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3.00 cr.)

GEO-205 - World Regional Geography (3.00 cr.)

GEO-326 - Environmental Resources (3.00 cr.)

12 credit hours of courses selected from the following or from the GEO courses above:

ECO-100 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3.00 cr.)

POL-200 - Law and Society (3.00 cr.)

POL-301 - Civil Liberties (3.00 cr.)

POL-340 - State & Local Political Systems (3.00 cr.)

SOC-100 - Principles of Sociology (3.00 cr.)

SOC-335 - Race and Ethnic Relations (3.00 cr.)

or approved electives from anthropology, economics, human geography, politics or sociology.

HIS-764 - The Teaching of Social Studies (3.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)

Professional Education Requirements

Professional Education, General

EDU-232 - Schools and Social Change (3.00 cr.)

EDU-234 - Teaching and Learning (3.00 cr.)

EDU-305 - Web 2.0 Technologies for Public School Classrooms (1.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)

EDU-434 - Inclusion and the Adolescent Learner (3.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)

EDU-436 - Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas (3.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)

Professional Education, Methods

3-5 credit hours of Professional Education, Methods as appropriate to the required concentration

Internship - last semester of teacher education program

EDU-460 - Colloquium in Education (3.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)

EDU-490 - Observation and Directed Teaching (9.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)


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