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Department of Licensure Programs / Birth-Kindergarten

The Birth through Kindergarten (B-K) licensure program at Meredith emphasizes early education teaching methods and hands-on experience in school classrooms. To earn B-K licensure, students must complete the requirements for their chosen major as well as the following licensure requirements.

Students must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll.

Refer to the Undergraduate Course Catalogue for official information about licensure requirements.

From the General Education Requirements

Humanities and Social Sciences

PSY-210 - Life Span Developmental Psychology (3.00 cr.)

- or -

PSY-310 - Psychology of Children and Adolescents (3.00 cr.)

PSY-312 - Psychology of Exceptional Individuals (3.00 cr.)

Additional requirement: SOC 335, Race and Ethnic Relations, for students who do not complete all US and Global Perspectives courses in the general education requirements (e.g. licensure only or some transfer students)

Health and Physical Learning

HED-200 - Responding to Emergencies (2.00 cr.)

Professional Education Requirements

Professional Education, General

MAT-160 - Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics I: Problem Solving, Number, Operation and Measurement (3.00 cr.)

EDU-232 - Schools and Social Change (3.00 cr.)

EDU-304 - Learning and Teaching Mathematics in the Primary Grades (3.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)

CD-234 - Development of the Young Child (3.00 cr.)

CD-334 - Infant Development (3.00 cr.)

CD-340 - Developing Relationships and Learning Environments (3.00 cr.)

CD-440 - Readings in Early Education and Early Intervention (3.00 cr.)

BK-341 - Variations in Early Development (3.00 cr.)

BK-350 - Emergent Literary and Technology Integration (3.00 cr.)

Professional Education, Methods

BK-337 - Observation of Young Children (3.00 cr.)

BK-342 - Seminar: Meeting Individual Needs (1.00 cr.)

BK-445 - Advanced Curriculum Development (3.00 cr.)

BK-465 - Teaming and Collaboration (3.00 cr.)

CD-345 - Curriculum for Young Children (4.00 cr.)

CD-434 - Infant Curriculum (3.00 cr.)

CD-438 - Supporting & Strengthening Families (3.00 cr.)

Professional Education, Practicum

BK-460 - Clinical Internship: Infants/Toddlers (3.00 cr.)

BK-469 - Teaching and Leading (3.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)

EDU-490 - Observation and Directed Teaching (9.00 cr.)

(Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll)


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