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Department of Education / Field Experiences in Schools

Early Field Experiences

Students in the teacher education program at Meredith College participate in a variety of field experiences in diverse school settings. Early field experiences may include tutoring, observing, classroom assistance, small group instruction and, informal assessment, allowing you to continually connect what you're learning in class to what you're experiencing in the classroom. Early field experiences combined with coursework are designed to prepare you for teaching all students, including those with disabilities, identified as gifted, or learning English.

Teaching Internship

Students in the teacher education program at Meredith benefit from the College’s strong partnerships with more than 20 public schools, where students are placed to gain real-world experience. The culmination of the teacher education program is the teaching internship, which involves a full semester of student teaching. The internship begins with observing and assisting in the classroom, continues with individual student and small group lessons, and builds to full responsibility for planning and instruction.

Unparalleled Support

Because of Meredith’s unique approach to teacher education, Meredith students receive guidance and feedback from education faculty and, in many areas of study, from faculty within their chosen major—doubling the amount of support an undergraduate student would receive from a typical education program. All teacher education students benefit from the exceptional level of attention Meredith provides.


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Meredith College Teaching Fellows

Strong Story | Senttra Snowden-Gregg

Senttra Snowden-Gregg can't wait to start teaching high school English. A born leader with a passion for reaching all students as individuals and a love of American literature, this graduating senior knows what it takes to be a strong teacher.


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