Child Development / Program of Study

Students studying child development take courses that focus on the physical, social, emotional, linguistic and intellectual development of children from birth through age 8. Most classes have opportunities for students to observe and work with young children, as well as an on-site infant toddler program where students observe and may be hired as work-study students. All students complete an advanced practicum or student teaching internship prior to graduation.

Major in Child Development
Students earning a major in child development must complete 31-40 credit hours of core course requirements and up to 10 credit hours of approved electives. Additional coursework is required to obtain N.C. teacher licensure.

Minor in Child Development
Students earning a minor in child development must complete 19 credit hours of child development courses.

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Required Major Courses

Students must complete the courses in the core curriculum (31-40) plus three courses chosen from the list of electives (0-10) for a total of 31-50 semester hours. Core courses are as follows:

BK-337 - Observation of Young Children (3.00 cr.)

BK-445 - Advanced Curriculum Development (3.00 cr.)

(K-6 Licensure candidates meet this requirement by completing EDU 358)

CD-234 - Development of the Young Child (3.00 cr.)

CD-334 - Infant Development (3.00 cr.)

CD-335 - Families and Close Relationships (3.00 cr.)

CD-340 - Developing Relationships and Learning Environments (3.00 cr.)

CD-345 - Curriculum for Young Children (4.00 cr.)

CD-438 - Supporting & Strengthening Families (3.00 cr.)

CD-440 - Readings in Early Education and Early Intervention (3.00 cr.)

CD-450 - Advanced Practicum & Seminar (6.00 cr.)

(Licensure candidates meet this requirement by completing EDU 490)

FCS-290 - Foundations in Family and Consumer Sciences (1.00 cr.)

HED-200 - Responding to Emergencies (2.00 cr.)

PSY-210 - Life Span Developmental Psychology (3.00 cr.)

- or -

PSY-310 - Psychology of Children and Adolescents (3.00 cr.)


Electives chosen from the following (0-10 credits)***

BK-341 - Variations in Early Development (3.00 cr.)

- or -

PSY-312 - Psychology of Exceptional Individuals (3.00 cr.)

BK-350 - Emergent Literary and Technology Integration (3.00 cr.)

CD-404 - Families in a Global Context (3.00 cr.)

CD-434 - Infant Curriculum (3.00 cr.)

CD-436 - Administration of Programs for Young Children (3.00 cr.)

CD-498 - Honors Thesis in Child Development (3.00 cr.)

CD-499 - Research in Child Development (1 - 3.00 cr.)

Approved CD courses from study abroad (Danish Institute or Meredith’s program in Italy)

***Licensure candidates can also meet this requirement by completing 9 credit hours of Professional Education Courses at or above the 400 level


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