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If you’re thinking about getting an MBA, here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself:

Do you need an MBA to succeed in your chosen field?

Within some industries, an MBA is virtually a requirement. In others, it will enhance your knowledge base and competitive edge, but it’s not expected. In order to determine if you should invest in an MBA, you need to know your short- and long-term career plans. Within the field you are considering, do most successful professionals have an MBA? Regardless, an MBA will give you an advantage when you’re compared with other candidates who lack this credential.

A Meredith MBA is flexible and adaptive to your career needs. You’ll gain a solid grounding in business knowledge while also developing your communication, relationship and leadership skills. And, you’ll develop a diverse network of professional contacts from across the Triangle area, and beyond.

Have you found yourself at a plateau in your current career?

If you feel like you’re not advancing in your field because you lack this credential, or you need additional business skills and knowledge, an MBA may be the logical next step in your education. An MBA allows you to develop both the “hard skills” of economics, finance, marketing, operations, management and accounting as well as the “soft skills” of leadership, teamwork, ethics and communication.

A Meredith MBA will help you develop increased confidence and business knowledge, as well as strong ethical leadership and communication skills. Our small classes and close-knit learning environment allow our faculty to work with you personally to help you determine the areas in which you need to grow, and how best to accomplish your professional goals.

Do you need to increase your business expertise?

Many of our MBA students don’t have an undergraduate degree in business—in fact, they come to the program precisely because they need to acquire business skills and knowledge, both to perform their current jobs more effectively and to move up in their company or industry. Most MBA students do have a strong desire to pursue a career in business, though increasingly an MBA is becoming a sought-after degree for higher-level jobs in the non-profit sector as well.

Meredith’s School of Business is AACSB-accredited, so you can trust that the knowledge and business skills you’ll gain are current, challenging and appropriate to today’s global business environment. And, students who need a base of business knowledge take additional courses called Foundations.

Can you devote the time and energy needed to succeed in an MBA program?

Graduate school is rigorous. Before you decide to pursue your MBA, be sure that you have adequate time and energy to devote to your studies. It will also help to know that you have the support of those around you, including your family and employer.

At Meredith, most of our students are full-time employees engaged in demanding, professional careers. Our faculty understand that students are juggling multiple demands, and make every effort to help them succeed—without lowering their standards for student performance. The flexibility of the program also allows you to adjust your course load if needed.

Do you have professional work experience?

An MBA is not intended for students coming right out of undergraduate school. Most schools expect students to have meaningful work experience before they begin an MBA program.

At Meredith, applicants must have a minimum of two years professional, full-time work experience. Typically, our MBA students have between 8 and 10 years of work experience, representing a broad spectrum of fields of interest.

Can you afford an MBA?

An MBA represents a considerable investment of your time, energy and resources, so it’s important to be sure that investment will pay off. Benefits of an MBA may include advances in your career, increased promotion rates, greater job satisfaction and higher salaries.

Meredith’s MBA program costs compare favorably to other programs in the area, and because it’s designed for working professionals, you’ll continue to advance in your career while pursuing your MBA. Our financial assistance office is also available to discuss options to make your MBA more affordable—and their uniquely personal and customer service-oriented approach means you’ll get the help you need to take this important step towards advancing your career.


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The Meredith College MBA

Designed for working professionals, Meredith's MBA program prepares men and women to succeed in today's global business environment. You'll develop strong ethical leadership and communication skills as well as increased confidence and comprehensive business knowledge, allowing you to advance professionally in your field—and beyond.

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