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MBA Courses

The MBA program consists of 30 semester hours of coursework: eight core and two elective courses. Meredith’s MBA is a part-time, evening program designed for working professionals. For some students, additional foundations courses (three to 12 credit hours) may be required, depending on transcript review.

The typical pace for those with a full-time career is two courses per semester, although students have the option to move at a one-course pace when desired, to accommodate changing professional and personal demands.  An accelerated option is also available. 

For those with undergraduate degrees in business or closely related fields, the 30-hour MBA program can typically be completed in only five or six semesters, approximately two years. For students with undergraduate backgrounds from other disciplines, the timeline is extended by the number of Foundations courses required, as determined by transcript review.

Core Courses offered in fall and spring

MBA 610 Global Corporate Communication (3)
MBA 620 Domestic and Global Economic Issues (3)
MBA 630 Accounting and Information Management (3)
MBA 640 Management and Ethical Leadership (3)
MBA 650 Managerial Finance (3)
670 Marketing Strategy (3)
MBA 680 Operations and Supply Chain Management (3)
MBA 699 Integrated Strategic Management (3)

Electives offered in summer only. Course offerings vary. (Select Two)

MBA 615 Developing Human Capital (3)
MBA 616 Ethical and Legal Employment Issues (3)
MBA 617 Managing Rewards System (3)
MBA 618 Strategic Human Resources Management (3)
MBA 644 Business Consulting (3)
MBA 646 Law and Ethics for Managers (3)
MBA 648 Project Management (3)
MBA 652 Financial Forecasting and Analysis (3)
MBA 672 International Marketing (3)
MBA 682 Business Information Systems (3)
MBA 695 Special Topics in Business (3)

Concentration in Human Resource Management Electives

(All courses required for students pursuing the HRM concentration)
MBA 615 Developing Human Capital (3)
MBA 616 Ethical and Legal Employment Issues (3)
MBA 617 Managing Rewards System (3)
MBA 618 Strategic Human Resources Management (3)

Foundations Courses offered in fall and spring

MBA 510 Foundations in Quantitative Methods (3) Spring
MBA 520 Foundations in Economics (3) Fall
MBA 530 Foundations in Accounting (3) Fall
MBA 550 Foundations in Finance (3) Spring


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The Meredith College MBA

Designed for working professionals, Meredith's MBA program prepares men and women to succeed in today's global business environment. You'll develop strong ethical leadership and communication skills as well as increased confidence and comprehensive business knowledge, allowing you to advance professionally in your field—and beyond.

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Bryon Kirkpatrick,'14, chose to pursue his MBA at Meredith because of the small classes, competitive pricing, flexibility of the program, and its AACSB accreditation.

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The Meredith MBA prepares graduates to go strong. Kacie Fore, '14, is a recent graduate, but she's already been promoted - before she even finished the program - thanks to what she learned. She also studied abroad in China and made strong connections with others in the program - connections that she fully expects to last a lifetime.


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