Program of Study / Finance Minor


ACC-220 - Financial Accounting (3.00 cr.)

ACC-221 - Managerial Accounting (3.00 cr.)

BUS-250 - Applied Data Analysis for Business Decisions (3.00 cr.)

BUS-370 - Corporation Finance (3.00 cr.)

BUS-472 - Intermediate Financial Management (3.00 cr.)

ECO-101 - Principles of Microeconomics (3.00 cr.)

Related Electives

3 credit hours chosen from the following:

ACC-336 - Federal Taxation of Individuals (3.00 cr.)

BUS-474 - Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (3.00 cr.)

ECO-301 - Intermediate Microeconomics (3.00 cr.)

- or -

ECO-302 - Intermediate Macroeconomics (3.00 cr.)

- and -

ECO-312 - Money and Banking (3.00 cr.)

Accounting and Business Administration majors must choose two additional electives (6 hours) for this requirement in lieu of ACC 220 and ECO 101 for a total of 9 hours of electives


Business at Meredith College

Learn about the undergraduate business programs at Meredith College.

Strong Story | Angie Ramkellawan

While at Meredith, Angie Ramkellawan, '14, managed 55 of her peers as chief student adviser, was captain of the lacrosse team, and interned at Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, where she developed a project plan for the entire internship program. She also job-shadowed a Meredith alumna who is a vice president of human resources.

$1 Million vs. 1¢

Would you rather have $1,000,000 today, or the money that you get from starting with 1 penny and doubling it every day for 30 days? Dr. Mary Jane Lenard, professor of business at Meredith College, considers this question in a minute-long video about the principle of compounding.

The Meredith Minute | How to Be a Happier Customer

In this edition of The Meredith Minute, Assistant Professor of Business Kelly Wilder explains the Expectation Disconfirmation theory


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