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The studio art program offers individualized instruction that helps students mature artistically and discover their personal artistic style and preferred medium (or media). Students learn to function creatively through a variety of experiences designed to help them gain an understanding of the artistic process and human culture. In addition to cultivating students’ artistic skills, the program instructs them on the basic business practices, legal rights and procedures, and presentation and marketing methods that lead artists to professional success.

Students pursuing a major in studio art should begin the major the first semester of the freshman year in order to avoid delays in graduation and allow time for internships and/or research studies.

Major in Studio Art
Students majoring in studio art are required to complete 55 credit hours, which include 30 hours of core arts curriculum and 25 hours of courses including drawing, design, studio practices and electives. Every studio art major presents a Senior Exhibition that demonstrates competency of media specific processes and techniques, and communicates mature concepts based on a knowledge of art history and contemporary criticism. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship.

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Required Major Courses

ART-101 - Drawing I (3.00 cr.)

ART-110 - 2D Design Concepts, Color and Composition (3.00 cr.)

ART-111 - 3D Design Concepts and Structure (3.00 cr.)

ART-180 - Computer Literacy for Design (3.00 cr.)

ART-201 - Drawing II (3.00 cr.)

ART-221 - Survey Western Art: Ancient-Early Renaissance (3.00 cr.)

ART-222 - Survey Western Art: High Renaissance-Modern (3.00 cr.)

ART-324 - Topics in Modern Art History (3.00 cr.)

ART-382 - Art Ethics Seminar (3.00 cr.)

ART-495 - Portfolio Photography (1.00 cr.)

ART-497 - Senior Exhibition (1(2 - 2.00 cr.)

ART-301 - Figure Drawing (3.00 cr.)

ART-360 - Interactive Design (3.00 cr.)

ART-496 - Professional Studio Practices (1.00 cr.)

Art History elective


15 credit hours of art or art history with at least 9 credit hours in studio art courses at the 300 or above level

ART-130 - Photography I (3.00 cr.)

ART-160 - Ceramics I (3.00 cr.)

ART-210 - Painting I (3.00 cr.)

ART-230 - Photography II (3.00 cr.)

ART-248 - Illustration (3.00 cr.)

ART-251 - Printmaking I (3.00 cr.)

ART-270 - Fibers (3.00 cr.)

ART-280 - Topics in Art and Architecture (3.00 cr.)

ART-299 - Introduction to Research in Art (1 - 3.00 cr.)

ART-301 - Figure Drawing (3.00 cr.)

ART-310 - Painting II (3.00 cr.)

ART-323 - Topics in Art History (3.00 cr.)

ART-324 - Topics in Modern Art History (3.00 cr.)

ART-330 - Photographic Techniques & Processes (3.00 cr.)

ART-332 - Photography and Social Change (3.00 cr.)

ART-342 - Digital Imaging I (3.00 cr.)

ART-351 - Printmaking II (3.00 cr.)

ART-362 - Ceramics II (3.00 cr.)

ART-365 - Sculpture (3.00 cr.)

ART-401 - Figure Drawing II (3.00 cr.)

ART-460 - Advanced Interactive Design (3.00 cr.)

ART-480 - Digital Photography (3.00 cr.)

ART-499 - Junior & Senior Research in Art (1 - 3.00 cr.)

ART-920 - Directed Individual Study (1 - 3.00 cr.)

May count as upper level only with permission of Department Head

ART-930 - Community Internship (1 - 3.00 cr.)

May count as upper level only with permission of Department Head


Studio Art Major Libby O'Daniel

Studio art major Libby O'Daniel uses her art to bring people to new ideas.


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