Program of Study / Public and Nonprofit Administration Concentration

Students majoring in political science with a public and nonprofit administration are prepared for careers in the vibrant, growing and rewarding field government and community service. They develop a specialized understanding of the roles that governmental agencies and non‐profit organizations play in American life and how the public and private sectors intersect. Students learn about topics affecting how public agencies and nonprofits are managed, including leadership, budgeting, fundraising, and advocacy. The concentration offers a theoretical and practical overview of the field with required research courses and an internship in the public or non-profit sector.concentration. The concentration requires 36 credit hours, which include 21 hours of core curriculum, a three-hour public or nonprofit administration course, and 12 hours of electives from at least two subfields in political science.

Required Major Courses

POL-100 - American Political Systems (3.00 cr.)

POL-200 - Law and Society (3.00 cr.)

POL-203 - American Public Policy (3.00 cr.)

POL-204 - Comparative Politics (3.00 cr.)

POL-210 - International Politics (3.00 cr.)

POL-334 - Research Design and Methods (3.00 cr.)

POL-380 - Political Science Internship (3.00 cr.)

POL-498 - Honors Thesis in Political Studies (3.00 cr.)

- or -

POL-499 - Senior Research (3.00 cr.)

- or -

POL-480 - Enhanced Fieldwork (3.00 cr.)

Concentration in Major

The Core Curriculum

POL 305 Public Administration (3) Or POL 306 Nonprofit Administration (3)

Electives from at least two subfields in Political Science

(Must take at least 9 hours in POL courses)

ACC-220 - Financial Accounting (3.00 cr.)

CS-120 - Spreadsheets (1.00 cr.)

CS-140 - Databases (1.00 cr.)

CS-156 - Web Site Design & Management (3.00 cr.)

COM-215 - Introduction to Public Relations (3.00 cr.)

COM-316 - PR Techniques (3.00 cr.)

COM-320 - Media Law (3.00 cr.)

COM-360 - Writing for the Media (3.00 cr.)

ENG-358 - Professional Writing (3.00 cr.)

GEO-203 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3.00 cr.)

HIS-300 - Introduction to Public History (3.00 cr.)

MAT-175 - Statistics I (3.00 cr.)

MAT-345 - Statistics II (3.00 cr.)

POL-207 - Campaigns, Elections, and Polling (3.00 cr.)

POL-305 - Public Administration (3.00 cr.)

POL-306 - Nonprofit Administration (3.00 cr.)

POL-331 - Environmental Politics & Policy (3.00 cr.)

POL-340 - State & Local Political Systems (3.00 cr.)

POL-351 - Political Leadership (3.00 cr.)

POL-365 - Grant Management (3.00 cr.)

POL-366 - Fundraising (3.00 cr.)

POL-367 - Lobbying and Advocacy (3.00 cr.)


Meredith Minute

Assistant Professor of Political Science Whitney Ross Manzo explains how the Electoral College works


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