International Studies / Program of Study

The international studies program allows students to explore modern history and political systems. Students develop research skills while focusing on a particular area of interest that offers insight into the contemporary global community, including the rise of industrialism and science, the role of women, and the impact of Western ideologies applied in non-Western settings. Because many of the core and related courses also count toward general education and/or other programs, international studies majors are encouraged to earn a second major or minor. Recommended additional programs of study include international business and foreign languages and literatures.

Major in International Studies
Students majoring in international studies are required to complete 36 hours, 18 hours of which are core international studies courses and 18 of which are approved electives. All majors write a Senior Research Project, or, for Honors Students, an Honors Thesis, during one semester of their senior year and present the results of their work to faculty, majors and other guests.

Minor in International Studies
Students minoring in international studies are required to complete 18 hours of courses, nine of which are part of the core international studies program and nine hours of electives approved by the department head.

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Required Major Courses

HIS-102 - Modern Western Civilization (3.00 cr.)

HIS-103 - The World in the 20th Century (3.00 cr.)

POL-204 - Comparative Politics (3.00 cr.)

POL-210 - International Politics (3.00 cr.)

HIS-334 - Methods of Historical Research (3.00 cr.)

- or -

POL-334 - Research Design and Methods (3.00 cr.)

- and -

HIS-498 - Honors Thesis in History (3.00 cr.)

- or -

HIS-499 - Senior Research (3.00 cr.)

- or -

POL-498 - Honors Thesis in Political Studies (3.00 cr.)

- or -

POL-499 - Senior Research (3.00 cr.)


18 hours of electives chosen in consultation with adviser

HIS-200 - Introduction to Latin American History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-224 - Introduction to Asian History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-281 - Introduction to African History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-282 - The Modern Middle East (3.00 cr.)

HIS-285 - Women in Global Perspective (3.00 cr.)

HIS-302 - Modern British History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-306 - Russia in the 20th Century (3.00 cr.)

HIS-308 - 20th Century Europe (3.00 cr.)

HIS-310 - Modern China (3.00 cr.)

HIS-312 - India Past and Present (3.00 cr.)

HIS-319 - Contemporary American History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-330 - Modern US Foreign Policy (3.00 cr.)

- or -

POL-330 - Modern US Foreign Policy (3.00 cr.)

HIS-375 - Warfare, Culture, and Social Change in European History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-409 - Global Slavery in Historical Context (3.00 cr.)

HIS-930 - Community Internship (1 - 3.00 cr.)

POL-205 - Political Ideas Seminar (3.00 cr.)

POL-320 - International Political Economy (3.00 cr.)

POL-331 - Environmental Politics & Policy (3.00 cr.)

POL-370 - Topics in Model United Nations (1 - 3.00 cr.)

Approved electives chosen from business, economics, geography, fine arts, foreign language, and other disciplines that relate to the 20th century world

It is highly recommended that International Studies majors achieve fluency in at least one foreign language and also that they study abroad.


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