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History / Program of Study

Through the study of history, students learn that just as with a film, the current scenes cannot be understood without having seen those that came before.  Once outside the narrow frame of our own time and place, we are much better able to exercise what historian Jacques Barzun calls “a quick and shrewd understanding” of contemporary developments. This unique historical perspective offers intellectual insight, provides the basis of informed citizenship, and cultivates a skill set that can be applied to a variety of careers. These include law, government, museum and historic site management, research and archives, teaching, and journalism. The major is also excellent preparation for graduate and law school.

Major in History
Students majoring in history are required to complete 30 course hours, including 15 hours of core curriculum and 15 hours of electives in approved history courses.

Minor in History
Students minoring in history are required to complete 18 course hours, including one research course and 15 hours of electives in approved history courses.

Minor in Public History
Students minoring in public history are required to complete 19-21 course hours, including 12 hours of core curriculum, six hours of electives in approved courses and an internship.

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Required Major Courses

HIS-101 - Emergence of Western Civilization (3.00 cr.)

- or -

HIS-102 - Modern Western Civilization (3.00 cr.)

- and -

HIS-214 - American History to 1876 (3.00 cr.)

- or -

HIS-215 - American History Since 1876 (3.00 cr.)

One non-western course chosen from the following

HIS-103 - The World in the 20th Century (3.00 cr.)

HIS-200 - Introduction to Latin American History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-224 - Introduction to Asian History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-281 - Introduction to African History (3.00 cr.)

HIS-282 - The Modern Middle East (3.00 cr.)

HIS-310 - Modern China (3.00 cr.)

HIS-312 - India Past and Present (3.00 cr.)

Appropriate special studies courses

HIS-334 - Methods of Historical Research (3.00 cr.)

HIS-498 - Honors Thesis in History (3.00 cr.)

- or -

HIS-499 - Senior Research (3.00 cr.)


15 credit hours of electives in approved history courses. Student must structure 15 hours of elective history courses in consultation with her advisor. 50% of the elective hours must be at the 300-400 level.


Contact Information

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