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The English program develops in students the ability to read critically and think logically and independently. The curriculum is designed to give students an historical sense of the development of literature in the English language from its beginnings to the present, as well as an understanding of and appreciation for the responsible use of language. Students are expected to read widely, think critically and work to improve written and oral communication.

Major in English
Students majoring in English are required to complete 41-45 credit hours, which include 22-25 hours of core curriculum, 18 hours of courses chosen from special topics in English, and one experiential component (student teaching, internships, or writing for campus publications).

Minor in English
Students minoring in English must complete 18 credit hours of English courses beyond Principles of Writing, at least 9 of which are in courses at the 300 or 400-level.

Minor in Professional Writing
Coordinated by the Department of English, the minor in Professional Writing and Presentation Media is an 18-hour interdisciplinary program open to all students. Courses in professional writing and visual principles and practices may be combined with electives in art, creative writing, speech, journalism, business, and computer information science. A student enrolled in the minor is encouraged to complete an internship related to her communication interests and career goals.

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Required Major Courses

ENG-111 - Principles of Writing (3.00 cr.)

ENG-200 - Critical Reading and Writing (3.00 cr.)

ENG-211 - Survey of British Literature I (3.00 cr.)

ENG-212 - Survey of British Literature II (3.00 cr.)

ENG-215 - Survey of American Literature I (3.00 cr.)

ENG-216 - Survey of American Literature II (3.00 cr.)

ENG-270 - Literary Research/Critical Theory (3.00 cr.)

ENG-498 - Honors Research Project (3.00 cr.)

- or -

ENG-499 - Research Project (1 - 3.00 cr.)

One chosen from the following

ENG-351 - Old English (3.00 cr.)

ENG-352 - Chaucer (3.00 cr.)

ENG-353 - History of the English Language (3.00 cr.)

One chosen from the following

ENG-355 - Shakespeare (3.00 cr.)

ENG-356 - Shakespeare (3.00 cr.)

One chosen from the following

ENG-220 - Creative Nonfiction (3.00 cr.)

ENG-230 - Writing for Campus Publications (1 - 2.00 cr.)

ENG-231 - Introduction to Creative Writing (3.00 cr.)

ENG-235 - Writing Poetry (3.00 cr.)

ENG-236 - Writing Fiction (3.00 cr.)

ENG-245 - Introduction to Journalism (3.00 cr.)

ENG-247 - Publishing and Editing (3.00 cr.)

ENG-250 - Text and Image (3.00 cr.)

ENG-358 - Professional Writing (3.00 cr.)

ENG-361 - Topics in Professional Writing (3.00 cr.)

One chosen from the following

ENG-204 - Colonial/Postcolonial Literature (3.00 cr.)

ENG-335 - Contemporary World Literature in Translation (3.00 cr.)

ENG-350 - Modern Drama (3.00 cr.)

ENG-495 - Seminar in European Literature (3.00 cr.)

Two chosen from the following

(one of which must be American)

ENG-240 - Introduction to Film (3.00 cr.)

ENG-242 - Romantic Comedy (3.00 cr.)

ENG-300 - Special Topics in English (3.00 cr.)

ENG-320 - Young Adult Literature (3.00 cr.)

ENG-330 - African-American Writers (3.00 cr.)

ENG-340 - Development of the British Novel (3.00 cr.)

ENG-359 - Seminar in American Women Writers (3.00 cr.)

ENG-360 - Seminar in Southern Writers (3.00 cr.)

ENG-362 - Contemporary American Fiction (3.00 cr.)

ENG-364 - 20th Century Poetry in English (3.00 cr.)

ENG-365 - English Poetry of the Romantic Period (3.00 cr.)

ENG-367 - English Literature of the Victorian Period (3.00 cr.)

ENG-368 - English Literature of the 18th Century (3.00 cr.)

One experiential component

May be satisfied by EDU 490, ENG 230, or ENG 930

Note: English majors must take one seminar (ENG 359, 360, or 495).


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