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Deepen your understanding of the challenges facing society.

Criminology is the study of crime and related issues from a liberal arts/social scientific perspective. As a criminology major, you will gain an understanding of the theories, practices and trends in crime, and in the criminal justice systems in our society. You’ll focus on understanding how and why crime occurs in society, ways to measure and examine these trends and possible steps to intervene or punish those who break the law.

Criminology programs typically have a majority of male students. Because law enforcement agencies are seeking to hire more women, they frequently come to Meredith’s campus and talk with students about possible careers. In addition, Meredith’s location in the state capital with multiple levels of law enforcement agencies offers numerous opportunities for networking and excellent placements for field research and internships.


The Criminology Program

Meredith College prepares women graduates for careers in criminology through a focus on leadership development, multiple internships, and opportunities to connect with local, state, and national professionals in the field.

Strong Story | Ann-Michelle Roberts

Ann-Michelle, ’15, came to Meredith knowing that she was a leader and ready to become even stronger. As president of the Student Government Association, she has made her mark on campus, and through several internships she has gained valuable experience in her field.


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