Program of Study / Interpersonal Communication Concentration

The interpersonal communication concentration focuses on theories of relational communication and methods of improving an individual’s success in social interactions. Students who choose a concentration in interpersonal communication often pursue careers in human resources, graduate counseling programs, law school, and the ministry.

The curriculum emphasizes social relationships, genders and cultures, nonverbal communication and communication in business settings. Students must complete 23-24 hours of core requirements and 18 hours of interpersonal communication concentration courses, for a total of 41-42 hours. The concentration requires one writing intensive course, an internship and a minimum of six hours at the 300 or 400 levels.

Required Major Courses

COM-215 - Introduction to Public Relations (3.00 cr.)

COM-225 - Public Speaking (3.00 cr.)

COM-260 - Interpersonal Communication (3.00 cr.)

COM-290 - Introduction to Mass Communication (3.00 cr.)

COM-330 - Communication Research Methods (3.00 cr.)

COM-480 - Communication Internship (3.00 cr.)

COM-495 - Communication Theory (3.00 cr.)

One course selected from the following

COM-410 - Senior Thesis (2.00 cr.)

COM-498 - Honors Thesis (3.00 cr.)

Concentration in Major

COM-370 - Nonverbal Communication (3.00 cr.)

COM-375 - Gender Communication (3.00 cr.)

COM-390 - Intercultural Communication (3.00 cr.)

COM-450 - Relational Communication (3.00 cr.)


6 credit hours of electives chosen from the following

Any COM course at the 200, 300, or 400 level.

CD-335 - Families and Close Relationships (3.00 cr.)

PSY-212 - Psychology of Gender Roles (3.00 cr.)

PSY-332 - Perception (3.00 cr.)

PSY-410 - Social Psychology (3.00 cr.)

SOC-260 - Cultural Anthropology (3.00 cr.)

SOC-335 - Race and Ethnic Relations (3.00 cr.)

For double majors, other electives may be approved by the department head. Consult with your advisor.


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