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Program Overview / Current Research

Areas of research conducted by Meredith faculty and students include:

Nutrition and Disease

  • Adherence to low sodium diet and re-admission rates of patients with CHF
  • The celiac diet and micronutrient intakes related to bone formation

Management and Policy

  • School food service director’s role in childhood obesity
  • Challeges to implementing local wellness policies in school districts as perceived by principles and child nutrition directors
  • Compliance with and awareness of the privacy and security regulations of HIPPA among RD’s in private practice


  • Incidence of obesity among children enrolled in Head Start program
  • The perceptions of the role of child nutrition programs related to child obesity as perceived by child nutrition directors

Local, Organic, and Sustainable Food and Agriculture

  • Nutritional quality of local food diets
  • Diet and health parameters of farmers market patrons
  • Nutrient content of organic and conventionally grown produce
  • Fruit and vegetable intakes of Community Supported Agriculture customers
  • Campus garden and nutrition education

Sports Nutrition

  • Green tea components and fatty acid mobilization in trained aerobic athletes
  • Nutrition knowledge among collegiate female swimmers


Strong Story | Chris Newport

Chris Newport, ’11, earned her Master of Science in Nutrition at Meredith College after completing Meredith's Dietetic Internship program and becoming a Registered Dietitian. As the owner of a sports nutrition and endurance coaching company, Chris pursued her master’s degree in order to more effectively serve her clients and help them reach their fitness goals.


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