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General Education / Prospective Students

Students in a Spanish class at Meredith

Through our general education curriculum, we carry on our tradition of offering a significant program in the liberal arts and sciences. Our course choices also emphasize intercultural and global understanding, ethical reasoning, and high-level skills in writing, oral communication, and uses of information technology for communication, research, and productivity. We offer multiple opportunities for practical experiential learning: internships, undergraduate research, and service learning among many others.

Through courses in the liberal arts and sciences and in their majors, students work toward the following goals:

  • An understanding of self, others, and the world
  • The ability to analyze, evaluate, and discover solutions
  • Effective communication
  • A recognition of ethical and responsible behavior in society, the global community, and the natural world
  • An understanding of the complex nature of knowledge


Foreign Language Requirement for students with English as a second language:

Students speaking English as a second language who wish to demonstrate that they meet the General Education foreign language requirement at Meredith College should get in touch with the Foreign Language department head during their freshman year, and provide written documentation of their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in their native language.  Acceptable documentation includes:

  • An English language translation of high school transcripts showing classes in the native language
  • Testing and Certification of their proficiency in all 4 skills in their native language by a qualified professional (such as a university professor or a professional translator/interpreter)

Students will be considered to be proficient in English upon presentation of a satisfactory TOEFL score, or completion of ENG-111 or ENG-200 at Meredith College with a grade of C or bette


Academic Dates

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Contact Information:

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