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Program Level Student Learning Outcomes: 

By completing a rich, coherent general education program that promotes active inquiry, intellectual development, and civic engagement, a Meredith graduate will demonstrate

an understanding of self, others, and the world through

  • knowledge of diverse historical events, literatures, and religious traditions,
  • knowledge and use of social and behavioral sciences,
  • knowledge and application of natural and mathematical sciences,
  • creative expression and appreciation for the arts, and
  • participation in physical activity and lifelong wellness behaviors.

the ability to analyze, evaluate, and discover solutions through

  • critical reading and thinking skills,
  • quantitative skills, and
  • creative and collaborative problem-solving skills.

effective communication through

  • skill in writing for a variety of purposes,
  • facility in oral expression, and 
  • competence in a foreign language.

recognition of ethical and responsible behavior in society, the global community, and the natural world through

  • an understanding of human cultural diversity,
  • the ability to reason and act ethically, and 
  • knowledge of current global problems.

an understanding of the complex nature of knowledge through

  • investigation of issues from more than one disciplinary perspective,
  • fluency with technology and information literacy, and 
  • a desire to engage in lifelong learning. 

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