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At Meredith, our dynamic general education program gives every student a firm foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, world citizenship and scholarly research. Students will develop skills and knowledge, serve their community through civic engagement and become independent and lifelong learners.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a unique signature Perspectives curriculum, a broad education in the liberal arts and sciences, and a focus on academic skills to all Meredith students. Through their active participation in this curriculum Meredith College women will be able to inquire critically, solve problems creatively, make decisions ethically, and communicate effectively. As educated women Meredith graduates will understand that they have the moral responsibility to use their skills as engaged citizens. They will know that local action is their starting point for addressing global problems. Understanding knowledge as complex and ever changing, they will have the courage and curiosity to be adaptable lifelong learners.

Goals of General Education
Through a broad general education curriculum and courses in their majors, students work toward the following goals
  • An understanding of self, others and the world
  • The ability to analyze, evaluate and discover solutions
  • Skills in effective communication
  • A recognition of ethical and responsible behavior in society, the global community and the natural world
  • An understanding of the complex nature of knowledge

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