Common Language of Assessment

There is no one, common definition of assessment terms across campuses but there are some common uses of assessment terms. The Council on Institutional Effectiveness (CIE) recognizes the need to have a shared language of assessment across the Meredith campus.
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Continuous Improvement Reports

Each program and department at Meredith identifies outcomes and engages in ongoing assessment of these outcomes in order to make program enhancements. These assessments and enhancements are reported annually in the Continuous Improvement Report (CIR).

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Continuous Improvement Plan and Report templates are available through BlackBoard.

Continuous Improvement Plans

Each program and department at Meredith submits a Continuous Improvement Plan for the methods it plans to use to measure identified outcomes during each academic year, and when and how it plans to implement each method.

Contact Information:

C. Dianne Raubenheimer, Director of Office of Research, Planning and Assessment
Johnson Hall third floor, room 308
Phone: (919) 760-8913
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