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Research Planning and Assessment

The Office of Research, Planning and Assessment (RPA) supports and facilitates all departments and units to demonstrate that the College is fulfilling its mission by providing assessment and institutional research information, analyses, consultation and resources to promote self-regulation and continuous improvement.


Goals and Outcomes


Goal 1: RPA will guide assessment efforts to support academically rigorous and transformative education.

Outcome 1.1: Units use Comprehensive Program Assessment for improvement.
Outcome 1.2: Units use annual assessment for improvement.
Outcome 1.3: CIE supports assessment efforts across campus.
Outcome 1.4: RPA supports assessment efforts across campus.

Goal 2: RPA will provide relevant data and information to promote good decision-making.

Outcome 2.1: Units use data from RPA for decision making.

Goal 3: RPA will serve as an active resource for the Meredith community to promote continuous improvement.

Outcome 3.1: A culture of continuous improvement is exhibited across campus.
Outcome 3.2: Campus leaders for assessment emerge out of campus assessment facilitation.
Outcome 3.3: Campus leadership integrate assessment into institutional planning.

Contact Information:

C. Dianne Raubenheimer, Director of Office of Research, Planning and Assessment
Johnson Hall third floor, room 308
(919) 760-8913
Fax: (919) 760-8606
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)