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In our experience, employers typically find Meredith students to be ideal employees. Our emphasis on ethics and leadership means these highly-desirable traits are fostered among our students – qualities that are valuable in any employee. Our students possess the drive, skills and knowledge to excel in any work environment. We look forward to working with you.

On- and Off-Campus Employment Opportunities

On-Campus Federal Work Study Program (FWS): On-campus Federal Work Study (FWS) opportunities are administered by the Office of Financial Assistance and Human Resources. Students will be deemed eligible by the Office of Financial Assistance for the Federal Work Study program on their yearly statement of award letter.  If you have questions about eligibility,  please contact our office directly at 919-760-8565 to confirm eligibility.  Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study are enrolled in the Federal Work Study course on Blackboard and receive an email with instructions regarding access to on-campus employment opportunities at the start of the school year.

These jobs will be updated periodically as positions become available.  Open and available positions will be posted under "Current Openings".

If you have questions about the Federal Work Study program, please contact our main line at 919-760-8565 or

Off-Campus Community Employment Program (Part-Time Off-Campus Babysitting, Pet-sitting, House-sitting, Tutoring and Other Job Opportunities): Our office posts off-campus positions for babysitting, pet-sitting, house-sitting, tutoring and other job opportunities to all students.  The positions are posted and categorized on the Blackboard course, Student Community Employment and a very popular program among students.  We cannot guarantee employment on-campus to all students who qualify for federal work study because there are not enough positions available.  To be enrolled in this course, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance to request access to this program.  The main line number is 919-760-8565 or email  This site is maintained by the Office of Financial Assistance and students who are eligible for federal work study have been enrolled. If you are interested in the position, you may contact the prospective employer directly via email or phone.  

If you have any questions regarding Community Employment, please contact our main line at 919-760-8565 or

Sitters and Tutors

If you are interested in employing a Meredith student in the areas of childcare, pet or house sitting, or as a tutor, please fill out the appropriate form below and email it to  The point of contact for this is Deborah Dalziel (Office Manager). She may be reached at 919-760-8565 or 

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